The unfortunate children

I, just like the parent who was suffering so badly, only a few days ago, took my son by the hand of the gate of the beautiful, modern and friendly school to enter grade 1. I, a parent of Gateway, had undergoes a horrible hard to describe word.

My son stood with the ill-fated child at the first flag salute ceremony, surprised to follow his older siblings singing the National Anthem. The two of them ate the first buffet lunch at the school with very attractive children such as spaghetti, fried chicken and ice cream.

Like my baby, my baby has a habit of sleeping in the car. Fortunately for my parents, I live close to the school so I can take my child to school by myself in the morning.

If only she was in charge of shuttle and counting enough children to get on and off the car! If only the driver checked a car before returning to the dock! If only the teacher could contact the family promptly when the students were not in class! If only...

There are many "what if"! As long as that "price" was realized, the baby would not have suffered such a pitiful outcome. We are angry. Many want Gateway to be closed because "this school doesn't deserve to be taught any more children". Many of us are considering finding a new school.

But a skeptic and obsession were imprinted on our minds: Leaving the Gateway, are you truly safe at other schools? Is the series of errors leading to the death of the child rare or something that often happens, except that there are no consequences? And are we, in painful and angry adults, truly courageous against the tragedy at the Gateway and elsewhere, in other circumstances?

In 1990, Vietnam was the second country in the world to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We have the Children's Law, there are months of action for children. The slogan "Protecting children is the responsibility of the whole society" is still frequently mentioned. The achievements of protecting children in Vietnam, we also learned a lot from the media.

But look at the attitude of a country that has not ratified the United Nations Children's Rights Convention, the United States.

There is a famous story in American media for several years. 9-month-old Leslie played with a curling iron and suffered a burn on her leg. The single Mercedes mother does not allow her to go to the clinic but takes care of herself at home. The case is reported to the authorities. Child protection officials were present and asked to look into Leslie's injuries. Mercedes protested. The government stated that she was incapable of raising her children. They decided to isolate both children from their mothers.

To regain custody, Mercedes must attend designated parenting courses, child safety workshops. Mercedes is required to detoxify drugs. Her whereabouts are checked regularly. Mercedes' battle to regain custody for more than ten years. During that time, two children were given to foster parents chosen by the government.

The story of Mercedes, starting from a burn, is a typical example of the cases of parental loss of children occurring regularly throughout the United States. The implementation of child protection policies in this country remains inadequate, hiding extremism and racism. However, it is worth noting here, is an attitude, a realistic and drastic child protection perspective.

Protecting children requires more than conscience, responsibility and willingness. Child protection is not just about mass organizations' campaigns, awareness campaigns and months of action. Child protection must be specifically legislated, ultimately implemented with an effective justice system and support agencies.

We are seeing cases of child rights abuses taking place every day, the tragic accidents where child victims occur with the frequency is not inferior. We adults are heartbroken and wrathful. But we do not realize that we are also compromise, indulgent and easy.

It is not difficult to find examples. High-rise apartment buildings in recent years have sprung up in big cities, along with reports of children dying from falling from above. The reason is similar: adults take advantage of the outside, tables and chairs close to the balcony or windows, no safety net ...

But many times, these incidents are still considered tragic accidents rather than the result of irresponsibility. A lot of tears and sympathy - perhaps that makes people hesitate when talking about responsibility. As for the easier things, such as checking a series of buildings and apartments to detect the risk of falling from a height for children, no organization, organization or agency has initiated and implemented them yet. .

There are deficiencies that belong to the consciousness or individual perception, there are deficiencies that belong to the perception of the whole system. Children under 6 years old do not need to wear a helmet - this is regulated by the government decree. No compelling reason has been provided.

Meanwhile, in a report submitted to the Ministry of Transport and Transport in 2009, the joint working group of the World Health Organization, the Asian Injury Prevention Fund and the United Nations Children's Fund confirmed the helmet. hardly affects babies' neck muscles.

Or the abandoned babies on the roadside and the landfill. The law provides for very specific penalties, including deprivation of custody for up to 2 years in prison depending on the severity. But very rarely, these regulations are enforced. The common reaction of the community when such incidents occur is still to seek and persuade parents to receive their children. Giving the child to the person who violated their rights in the most violent way is arguably the most sensible solution.

And we still haven't forgotten about the fact that Hao Anh boy was forced into labor since he was 12 years old, and was tortured like a medieval by the violent employer. In pain and indignation, hundreds of millions of dong were donated in order to alleviate her misfortune. But the most essential thing is that a capable and responsible sponsor, the whole family, society and country could not bring to this boy. To this day, it is the hearts of benefactors who become the agents who deprive the future of being kind people of Hao Anh.

Child protection also means that it is a remote precaution of possible risks, not just following the consequences. Yet even when the consequences have occurred, we are still easy to prevent.

Earlier this year, when I went to a well-known interdisciplinary school in Hanoi, I was surprised to see free cars coming and going and stopping right on the student's playground. It was not long after two cases of cars running in the school yard that killed and injured students in Son La and Hanoi.

Overalls, this absurd reason has also taken the lives of at least 4 children in preschools in less than 10 years. We are paying a heavy price for lessons that are not new.

How many more children need to be killed by a car, crushed to death by a closet, died from an apartment building, drowned, and drowned and left in the car to die until someone thinks of building it proactively Develop standards and standard procedures that can be applied on a large scale to ensure children's safety?

"Protecting children is a responsibility not unique to anyone" only really makes sense when society has effective regulations and mechanisms for people to fulfill that responsibility. When it comes to slogans, that responsibility is not anyone's.

Huong Thuy