Song Hong lamented

I stood on the 16th floor of Luong Yen Building No. 3, took a picture along the banks of the Red River. I really want Capital leaders to see this scene.

Not knowing what to call it, the dike was crowded like an unorganized residential ward. Immediately afterward, I could not even see an alley like the lovely song "small lane, small street, my house was there" (Musician Le Vinh). I looked closely, only to see that this house was close to another house, there was an upper floor that was protruding out.

I wonder where those people were before, sometimes from a spacious land full of air and light, yet trying to get a home in Hanoi. I know many people, spacious and airy houses in the province, trying to find ways to buy houses in Hanoi. Immediately for the children to go to school, then they plan to move back to the capital with their children after retirement.

Due to working conditions, I have had the opportunity to travel to more than 30 capitals of countries. Few places have beautiful shade trees like many streets in Hanoi and few places have many lakes in the heart of a cute city like our capital. But the story of the alley, narrow streets, cluttered houses, not in any architectural style, and importantly making people's lives so difficult as the situation along the Red River, indeed I have not had the opportunity to look see.

People living close to the Red River are now completely assured, no longer worry about flooding as before, because there are Hoa Binh and Son La hydroelectricity. But small alleys, small streets, even if you look carefully at the picture, it's okay to see. I read in a newspaper, with comrade leader lamented: "From the plane looking down along the Red River close to the Capital, it feels like someone from heaven swung down a handful of messy gravel." Later I heard another authorities ask: "Has anyone crushed the capital?".

I suddenly thought that if I was there, how could my friends find a house to come to, and how could I deliver the newspaper every morning? Thinking of explosions that could never have happened, how could the fire truck ever get in? The fire spread, the people there have no way to support it? Then how to rescue patients, ambulance has no way to get in? Must have put on a stretcher and jog.

I recalled the image I encountered in Ky Son District, Nghe An. Mr. Moong Van Nghe - Chairman of the District, who was taking me to visit, suddenly saw a crowd running and running like robbers. It turns out that the Kho Mu people here who see emergency people for malignant malaria are rushing out to take them to emergency. Two young men on the stretchers run very fast. Tired then put down and two other young men hurriedly relayed. It was an emergency in Ky Son, and in "small lane, small street" in Hanoi, could this scene happen? There are thousands more children living here, if there is a school to pick them up by bus, where can they pick them up? Moreover, the children who come home from school just hang around in the narrow walls, there is no land to gather and have fun, even just a small football field?

Not only along the Red River, the whole Hanoi is becoming more and more deformed and increasingly challenged with traffic congestion because of the lack of good planning hands. It seems that the real estate owners see any golden land as they are rushing to build high-rise buildings immediately. Now, whoever walked through the Daewoo hotel area and the Lotte building would all think, what about when everyone has arrived in a row of newly built high-rise buildings right next to it? The apartments in this area are very high prices and make sure that many residents here have their own cars, what will happen with tens of thousands of cars and motorcycles in the morning? Have the capital managers thought about this?

When licensing the area, does anyone remember the urban area that was once considered a model Linh Linh urban area? Residents now take a taxi now, because drivers are afraid of being stuck at any time of the day. Many taxi drivers often complain to customers who don't understand how people can make buildings so thick.

In the old days in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there were offices of the Chief Architect. The people were assured because there were certainly people and units to take care of the planning. They are selected architects, so the understanding is definitely more extensive than ordinary people. Do not understand why these titles disappear.

Lack of talented architects? Nonsense! No one is taking responsibility? Also ridiculous! Perhaps the whole plan is under the responsibility of the City People's Committee, when these public officials are always flooded with work to worry, floods, storms, and then every day how to bury thousands of tons of waste that are half indestructible, all kinds of things.

Without the chief architect for the city, we are not promoting the talents and responsibilities of hundreds of talented architects across Vietnam. I have a very good best friend who participated in the construction of Uncle Ho's Mausoleum. When discussing urban planning, you laughed and said, "Nobody asked us where to join in." I still think that, if good architects are gathered in the City Chief Architect's Office, people will probably complain less about the problem of construction lacking in the current planning view.

Honestly, it's better late than never. If we just let Hanoi build like it is, we don't know what our city will look like in a few years?

Nguyen Lan Dung