Quietly SEA Games

Sweat and tears still fall daily on the training ground, in the arena. But not many people remember it because they are not footballers.

When I was a magazine, I introduced a lot of athletes who are both talented and beautiful in shape to do portrait work. They are all ripped off because "nobody knows". The sweat of those who dreamed of standing on the podium still fell, despite mental and physical injuries. But they are "no one knows" sweats.

Sunday, December 1, was probably the most memorable day in the life of weightlifting female Vuong Vuong Huyen. Overcoming Indonesia's formidable opponent, Lisa Setiawati, overcoming the trauma of trauma, overcoming the pain of losing her father just over a dozen days before leaving for the SEA Games, Huyen won the first gold medal for weightlifting. Vietnam in the weight class 45 kg.

It should have been an inspirational story. The story of a person who has overcome the pain of the past, fought hard in the present and dreamed about the future, because Huyen is also an athlete who has been heavily invested in the goal of winning a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics It was also inspired by the Bac Giang girl who burst into tears on the podium to receive the medal, perhaps because of happiness, or perhaps because she remembered her father. As she herself confided later to the journalist. Before the competition, she whispered "Daddy, trust me".

But on Monday morning, did she open her phone and see what it was on newspapers and social media? Only one topic: Bui Tien Dung and his mistake. It's a bit unfair, when between a SEA Games congress with all the sports, we turn a new match in the group stage into the current mainstream, instead of a medal competition final. We ignore an example of success to dissect an individual, a collective sport, in a match that we have won.

From Bui Tien Dung's mistake, we continue to argue about the exaggeration of a commentator on television. Facebook has always been the same, pulling everyone into a "hot trend" and ignoring other notable information. Looking at it, we think that the SEA Games only has football.

In fact, football only competes with a medal set like every other sport. The players of the U22 Vietnam team practiced hard, but do not forget the other athletes too. They also buried themselves in the gym, were under pressure of achievement and also buckled themselves with injuries. How many of us remember the names that have made Vietnam's sport known? They are Dang Dinh Tien with billiards, Mai Cong Hieu in cycling, table tennis Doan Kien Quoc; female football players Luu Ngoc Mai and Doan Thi Kim Chi; track athlete Pham Dinh Khanh Doan; volleyball player Kim Hue; Hai Thao is in cloud sphere, Cao Ngoc Phuong Trinh and Van Ngoc Tu in Judo, Hoang Xuan Vinh in shooting, Huyen Dieu and Phan Tan Dat with Taekwondo, gymnastics athletes Ha Thanh, Truong Minh Sang and Le Thanh Tung ... and many other names.

I once received a question like this from journalism students: "In the course of your career, what kind of character did you find difficult to interview?". "The most difficult is interviewing sports athletes," I replied immediately. Because they are the ones who spent their youth in the gym. The problem with Vietnamese sports is that we always professionalize our athletes too early.

Sports talents were pulled from the family, as well as from the school too early. They were stuffed into one goal: to bring the achievement back to the locality and the nation. Most of them have limited communication, because they are not used to talking to anyone but colleagues, coaches and officials of the subject? Their whole youth is just training, resting, playing, and so on and so forth. Among the hundreds of weightlifting athletes, how many people are exposed to meager colored lights such as Vuong Thi Huyen or Thach Kim Tuan - those whose probability to recognize them among the crowd must be far below a bridge. Subs of U22 are attending the SEA Games.

Reportage in magazines not for them. Advertising spots not for them. Many top sports athletes in Vietnam are increasingly forgotten while the football fever has not shown any signs of cooling. The players are everywhere on the street. And when the top players are full, the brands turn to the lesser-known players.

We argue about a goalkeeper's mistake. Someone blamed him for advertising, catwalk but that lack of expertise. The defender said, he is also human and do not forget his past contributions. Then people will go crazy for Bui Tien Dung if he successfully blocks a free kick or keeps the net. And online, the security guards Tien Dung will have the opportunity to counterattack, my co-host will be mocked. All the waves are ceaseless, sweeping away everything.

While somewhere in the Philippines, maybe many people also expect themselves to have a crisis like Bui Tien Dung, a comforting crisis of a person who is concerned about the whole country. It is the happiness of a stoned man, better than the unhappiness of forgotten bodies.

Tran Minh