Mr. Park's salary

During my first 24 years as a football coach, I was paid a salary from a state person. I could hardly save much. In the 2000s, my wife and I built a house on an area of ​​about 80 m2, two and a half stories. The total amount of money for building a house is over VND 400 million, but because I do not have enough money, every season, I get some bonuses, I bring them to repair more. In the end, it took more than 7 years, with 7 new builds to be completed

In 2004, while working as a coach of Song Lam Nghe An team, Mr. Dang Phuoc Dua - leader of Dong A Bank - from Saigon to Vinh met me, invited to Saigon to be the coach of the Bank's team. At that time, after the good achievements of Song Lam Nghe An, there were many places that invited me, but the East Asian leader told me they would take care of the whole family accommodation in Saigon. He also let me buy a piece of "internal" land in District 2.

I did not make a salary offer, but they offered me a salary of 40 million VND / month, three and a half times higher than what I was receiving. The salary they paid made me feel very proud and excited. That's what proves they appreciate their ability. In 2004, eating a bowl of pho in Saigon only cost 5,000 VND only.

That salary was also the highest salary I received after more than 25 years from the career of football and was also the highest salary for a football coach in Vietnam across the country at that time. Before me, Dong A Bank also paid a foreign coach the same salary.

I would like to ask the leader of Nghe An Sports Department to retire 2 years early to work in Saigon. The salary was actually paid to me and sent to my family, not spending much. What I really value is the spirit of excitement and always trying to do very well my work, to be worthy of their salary and expectations.

That salary also makes me feel proud of myself, more interested in the job. I always told myself "people want me, respect me so I take care of myself, I also have to try harder for the team to reap a lot of good achievements." And the team has also achieved, upgraded.

Salary has its message. It is a recognition. When people want to be like them, they will give that message. As a recipient, I understand that this is a way of showing what the payer expects in return.

Like Mr. Park now, we have so many expectations and he has done, even more than our initial expectations, obviously we must take action in response. People are not just people who need extra money but also because they feel accepted, just like I used to be happy because I feel my career effort is not pointless. That is why I support that we must somehow make a good raise for Mr. Park.

No need to say more about Park Hang-seo's great successes, and how we all appreciate him. That respectful attitude must be expressed by specific act of recognition. If we want him to stay behind to coach the team and create a sustainable turning point for Vietnamese football, we must respect and care for him not only with words. Because with the professional people like me who used to feel that if I received the money they paid me, I would always receive additional pressure, that I must do so I am not ashamed to receive that compensation.

Mr. Park was also a professional coach for many years in Korea, and then was loved by everyone in Vietnam. He affirmed his affection for the country and the Vietnamese public, and in return, the Vietnamese audience was very warm to him. I really respect people's hearts, but that is not a replaceable factor, so that we can pay you a lower salary than the regional football market, let alone the international market. general.

Romance is affection. I can't use my emotions to make up for my legitimate salary and pay people a non-market rate.

We must treat him well to keep him, it is not just the private business of some people. International precedent allows sponsors, the state, businesses and people to work together to pay the head coach of the national football team. Because the first national football was for the public.

We all know that VFF cannot immediately pay a large sum of money to pay his salary, nor is our payment mechanism as flexible as other countries. I believe Mr. Park and his colleagues understand. But as the grandparents said, "there is no real truth to the religion". It is impossible to remove emotions to disguise the market principle of wages.

Broadly speaking, the salary level of professional football coaches in Vietnam for many years is still very low and almost unchanged. Vietnamese football has entered the professional period for 18 years (from 2001 until now) but the average salary of domestic coach is only about 20-30 million, professional class is only 30-40 million is very high. There are young coaches who only get a salary of 10, 12 million VND which is very high, even some places pay only 6-7 million VND.

I find it very strange why the salary of a young coach is not improved. The inadequacy of the coach itself does not dare to speak out, I myself find it very difficult to speak. But it is a very bad thing, leaving many coaches (and football players) still. They do not earnestly strive to reach this level and that in their profession, and some have quit their jobs to get more money to improve.

Revising the salary policy of coaches and footballers is also necessary to motivate domestic football. Changing the mindset of pay with football in particular and sports in general is because of the advancement of football. The Football Federation and the General Department of Sports and Sports need to think about that.

Before reforming football, you must reform your salary in football. It is impossible to have a professional football background if the salary is not professional.

Nguyen Thanh Vinh