Contact the parent

At our school, we have separate chat groups for teachers and parents in each class. And yet parents sometimes still worry about their children.

When establishing my educational organization, I firmly put the child safety first. Each month, we send primary and secondary school students field trips to different locations for two days with rigorous procedures. Prior to each trip, there is always an orientation session for members including parents to attend nearly 3 hours to help parents, students and teachers understand the steps. For example, it is required to take attendance twice when boarding a car, checking baggage, equipping students with the skills to handle car sickness, sickness, first-aid skills, self-care and skills to handle arising situations. And especially, there must be a close connection between teachers, the school and parents in all matters of children.

For each class, we create a Viber group with phone numbers for all parents, teachers and the administration. They communicate directly with each other easily almost every time on issues related to travel, play, and study of children. Teachers are responsible for updating all activities and photos in that group so parents know what their children are doing.

Once, we organized children to come to Hoi An. When the group went to the beach to play at the end of the afternoon, a 12-year-old boy refused to go and asked permission to stay at the hotel with the school manager. Even though my friends gathered convincingly, I still chose to stay in the room. When the teacher updated the children 's fun pictures to the chat group, his mother called me immediately to ask why she did not see her children.

I explained in detail to her, and even though we encouraged her, the child chose to stay, and that she should respect her feelings. The parent later happily hung up. She said, well, okay, knowing that is more reassuring about your child.

Such situations do not just happen once. It helps me understand the mentality of parents who always want to know what their children are doing and doing. Although there are only small changes in their children's schooling and eating schedules, if they are not updated, parents can think in a negative way. Timely sharing of children's situation is extremely important for parents to feel confident in teachers and the school. In addition to updating class activities, in case of unexpected changes from the school, parents can also make their views and suggestions to help the school operate more effectively.

We also agree with each other, which information should be put on the common group, which information should be contacted individually, which hours should not be contacted. Teachers also take the initiative to communicate privately with parents when there is a need to discuss individual students. The administrative administration of the school through these chat groups also monitors the interaction between parents and teachers, seeking their opinions to improve activities. I think that half of a child's time at school with a teacher and the other half with his family, so the relationship between parents, students and teachers is like a tripod, which greatly determines the quality. teach that student. Together, teachers and parents can give children peace of mind and joy.

But for a few days now, following the case of the abandoned boy on the High School Gateway bus, I was quite surprised that the school absolutely didn't give parents the personal number of the homeroom teacher. All communications must go through the administrative department and an application on the phone. Parents said they met the homeroom teacher for a phone number but the teacher didn't give "because that's the school's principle".

This can prevent parents from having a negative impact or requiring teachers to comply with their individual requirements. But really left unpredictable consequences.

The application of information technology in education, although modern and time-saving, cannot replace people. In the end, it is the school staff who is still checking that attendance application system and notifying the parent if not the head teacher. Gateway seems to have come up with a rigid process that does not take into account the flexibility in handling specific situations.

The counterproduction of this principle is to reduce the role of teachers in accompanying children and families when teachers themselves are not allowed to interact with young families. The teacher who knows the health, the spirit, the learning situation and the personality of the child, the communication from the school to the family must have the role of the person next to the child every day. not a machine or the administration might not even know each of you.

The essence of an education is the close connection between the family and the school in raising people. The most important representative of the school connects with parents in most cases, as far as we have experienced, is the homeroom teacher, not a third part. Gateway's fault of operation is a great lesson for the whole society, not just a few people.

It is time for the Ministry of Education to immediately issue a document to guide the implementation of school-specific processes, including the provisions on monitoring, evaluation and implementation of those processes, especially the Safe programming for children in moving, connecting and learning. The core value of education is to nurture the human character, so even with the supportive technology, the role of teachers, school staff and families should be emphasized and clarified in any way. which school.

Every school definitely needs to revise or develop effective management processes to best support teachers. Teachers should be the most effective bridge between the family and the school in operating an educational model. There, if everyone works with the highest spirit of conscience and responsibility, they will surely build a long way for the school itself.

"Education is a common commitment among dedicated teachers, students who are interested in learning, and parents who are enthusiastic in supporting to achieve expectations" - US lawmaker Bob Beauprez once famously said. Once teachers are excluded from the interactive circle of this relationship, education is no longer the color of human education.

Van Anh